The professional fields of expertise associated with addiction are wide-ranging. Knowledge in this area is important both for the addict and for those close to the addict. Did you know that there are more than 200 defined addictions?

Co-addicts When a family member becomes an addict, this affects the lives of all those around him or her – they become co-addicts in that they adjust their behaviour to that of the addict. Work, financial situation, friends, plans, agreements, trust, health, daily tasks – everything can become dominated by the addiction. Some co-addicts even end up following the path to addiction.

A diagnosable illness one can learn to live with Research shows that 75-80% of addicts are in permanent employment, and only 3% of these people are «identified» in terms of being offered help. According to statistics it takes 7-10 years in a work situation before one sees, or starts to look for the symptoms of drug use. This clearly demonstrates the need for knowledge among employers, family members and other related parties. Drug problems are medically classified as a mental illness, where the person involved does not know that he/she has a problem and spends a lot of time convincing others that there is no problem. This is a common scenario. Come too late – as early as possible, we like to say! The 12-Step Training and Education Centre offers professional courses directed towards addicts themselves, family members and employers. See below for more information about our range of courses, timetable and prices: Courses offered at the 12-Step Training and Education Centre