Employees with an addiction?

Employees with an addiction?

Research shows that four of five addicts are in permanent employment

Employers have a particular responsibility in several areas relating to addiction. Most organisations in both the private and public sectors have or will have employees with an addiction problem. This can affect safety, productivity, the working environment, customer relations and not least be detrimental to the health of the employed addict.

Statistics show that it takes much too long for an employer to be sure enough to take action. In the US the terms «troubled employee» and «troubled supervisor» are used. This indicates that it is not the «troubled employee», i.e. the employee with an addiction, that will lose his/her job, but that it is the supervisor who does not take action that has the responsibility to do something. The employer often tries to solve the symptoms – as if the symptoms are the problem. This is always a mistake and leads in the wrong direction.

Sense of security through experience and knowledge
The 12-Step Training and Education Centre is there to give employers the necessary sense of security in such situations. With a guarantee of full discretion and confidentiality, employers can discuss the symptoms with experienced and skilled therapists who will give advice about what to do, what to say and how to try to solve the problem on a permanent basis. Our staff have personal experiences to share with you as an employer and we know that taking action makes a difference.

It is worth it for you as an employer to talk to us!