When love, anger, threats and manipulation are not enoughMaskot image

In most cases, family members are the ones who contact us. Family members are the closest and most important people to take action and ensure help. It cannot be expected that the addict will act logically in relation to his or her own situation. Addicts want to dictate the solutions for their own treatment – at the same time as they have a diagnosable mental illness. Professional help is necessary.

The important contact
We know how difficult it can be to evaluate the size of the problem, show respect for the person showing signs of addiction, at the same time as living with the broken promises and uncertainty about how to help.

The 12-Step Training and Education Centre is there to give you as a family member the necessary sense of security in such a situation. With a guarantee of full discretion and confidentiality you can discuss the symptoms with experienced and skilled therapists who will give advice about what to do, what to say and how to try to solve the problem on a permanent basis. Our staff have personal experiences to share with you as a family member, and we know that taking action makes a difference.